Dear visitors, we present to your attention the report-instruction of our compatriot who decided to independently get from Barcelona to Alicante. We sincerely thank him and hope that this article can be useful to you.

It so happened that most of all air flights to Spain fall precisely to Barcelona. While in Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, most of the direct flights depart from Moscow or St. Petersburg, now you can fly to Barcelona from almost any international airport in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Whether it’s bad, good, but it should be recognized as a fact that currently Barcelona has a solid status as the main tourist gate of Spain. And the reason for this is not in the indisputable beauty and historical uniqueness of the city itself. This is due primarily to the historical development of tourism on the Mediterranean coast. Indeed, initially, back in the first half of the 20th century, tourism began to develop actively on the Cote d’Azur of France, and by the middle of the last century, as it was saturated, the permanent development of tourism infrastructure spread to the coast of Spain. Thus, the Catalan coast from the Costa Brava to the Costa Dorado took on the baton of natural expansion of the Mediterranean zone of European tourism. Thus, the central city of Catalonia automatically became the main tourist port of the country, which, of course, began to gradually influence its constant development.

But Spain, this is by no means Catalonia! From the 70s of the 20th century to the present, following Catalonia, regions such as Costa Azahar and Costa Blanca are developing most actively. And if it is not always convenient to fly to these places by plane, then you can quite easily get there by train from the same Barcelona.
Let, for the time being, Barcelona remains the main tourist gate of the country. So we are here, and then, as they say, everything is in our hands …

So, you have landed at Barcelona airport and are now about to leave for the train station. There are two ways to do this. The first traditional (if you do not mind about 25 euros) is to take a taxi, which will take you to the station in about twenty minutes. To do this, you need to tell the taxi driver only two magic words: “Estasio Sans”.
The second way is to get to the station on your own by train, for only 3.5 euros, which is not much more difficult than taking a taxi.
To do this, we do the following: we get luggage in a large spacious terminal building. Next, we look around and look for signs with the image of the train (see photo).
Have you found? Well, let’s go along the arrows. This is the way to the station from which the trains go. The station is located very close, in a building adjacent to the airport terminal. If the way inside the terminal seems to you to be long, do not despair – it depends on which terminal you are at (after all, the terminal is quite large).
BTW, if your plane landed at the terminal, which is very far away, and you have a lot of things, then you do not have to go on foot to the transition, but you can get outside by an internal bus that runs from terminal to terminal for free.

One way or another, following this sign, you will definitely go up to the stairs from which you will find yourself in a long glass hinged passage leading to the station (see the following photo).
ATTENTION – there are three such canal crossings and only one of them leads to the railway station! You need an average. The correct corridor is the one from which the following two photos are made !!!

Right transition view
Right transition view
View from the transition to the left
View from the transition to the left
Next, you go through the transition; You meet a kiosk where they sell tickets (magnetic card). The cost is approximately 3.5 euros. Right here, opposite the kiosk, there are turnstiles, through which you will pass on the railway lines to the train. The train is called “Cercanillas” and runs every day, seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

IMPORTANT: passing through the turnstiles, you drive away the card (as in the Moscow metro). She must be taken with her and not lost, because the exit at the train arrival point is also through turnstiles, where it must also be driven away. Otherwise they will not let you out, and you risk indefinitely staying on the train as the hero of the famous film “The Adventures of Italians in Russia” who lost his passport on the plane !!!

Entered the train – follow the inscriptions on the electronic display, which is in every car. Station – the third stop. You can also pay attention to the people in the car who will go out with their suitcases, or simply count the stops.
So you get to the train station. The wall with cash desks is divided by a central aisle. If you look from the inside to the main aisle, the direct ticket offices are located to the right of it, and the preliminary sales offices are to the left. You go where the direct sale! (just in case, make sure that the cashier’s choice is correct – suddenly they changed something …). Look at the scoreboard: Alicante, train number and departure time.
Ticket price to Alicante a little more than 50 euros