If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy sunny days, velvet sandy beaches, clean water all year round, if you need hotels with excellent service, an extensive entertainment and sports program, surrounded by unspoiled nature … If you want to enjoy a rich historical and cultural a heritage, unique cuisine, Costa Blanca is what you need. Costa Blanca (White Beach) – a diverse landscape and 485 kilometers of the Mediterranean coast. From the coast to the huge inland mountain ranges, the Costa Blanca offers an unforgettable nature: beautiful golden beaches, salt lakes, forests and vineyards. The rich history of this land and the creative soul of its inhabitants left a deep cultural heritage – Paleolithic paintings, monuments from the reign of Rome, medieval castles, as well as numerous civil and religious buildings of different architectural styles.

The city of Benidorm is located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante, Valencia Autonomous Region, on the shores of the Cote d’Azur. One of the most welcoming cities in the world, it has deservedly become a center of international tourism. From the north, the city is protected by the mountains that surround it and create conditions for mild winters, pleasant spring and warm summers. A well-groomed urban area, a constant desire to make the city the most modern and comfortable, service of more than 32,000 hotel beds put Benidorm in one of the first places among the tourist cities of the world.

The population of Benidorm – 45 thousand inhabitants, in the summer – reaches 400 thousand, living in more than 200 hotels and apartments. The city is one of the sea resorts that host guests all year round. Wide city promenades and avenues are built up with modern hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, cafes, discos and night clubs. Perhaps this is the main place of tourism in the Mediterranean Sea and, no doubt, in Spain.

Benidorm Bay is divided into two almost equal parts – Levante Beach (east) and Poniente Beach (west) – the cape where the old quarters of the city are located. Here you can walk along the narrow winding streets with snow-white houses, where the windows still have patterned gratings and blooming geraniums, and the real Spanish bodega (typical restaurants) are located in the basements. From the snow-white observation deck, a beautiful view of the city, beaches and the island of Benidorm opens.

From a height of flight, the Valencian coast resembles a huge human profile. Costa Blanca welcomes tourists from Spain and the whole world, offering its beaches and corners that have become a legend. The sun rising on the horizon warms these shores for more than 2600 hours a year and at sunset it leaves twilight of extraordinary beauty. And now the sea is illuminated by moonlight …

The beaches are the main attraction of Benidorm and the center of tourist life. Extensive spaces of fine sand, extending along both semicircles of the bay, invite everyone who wants to enjoy a serene vacation under the generous Spanish sun, swim in the warm clear sea waters and engage in any kind of water sports of their choice. Benidorm is an ideal place for sailing, rowing, scuba diving and motorcycle racers.

Both beaches in Benidorm – Levante and Poniente – are municipal, i.e. free (paid service is the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas). It should be noted that there is a blue flag on all beaches – a sign of the purity of sea waters and the impeccability of coastal structures. Valencia Autonomy has the highest number of blue flags in Europe.

The “traffic light” system operates on the beaches: the green flag – you can swim, the yellow – it is not recommended to swim, the red – it is forbidden to enter the water.


• The warmest sea on the Iberian Peninsula (continental Spain). We start swimming in early May (water temperature +20) and end in mid-November (+19). When the hotels in the numerous resorts of Barcelona are already empty, there are sad rains when the sea in Malaga is already quite cold and there are no people on the beach – in the resort town of Benidorm, the streets and beaches are full of cheerful tourists !!!

• Mountains surrounding the White Beach do not allow cold air masses from the continent. The gentle sea creates paradise warmth in the winter, and in the summer does not allow heat to dominate.
Within a radius of 100 km there is not a single harmful production. The resort area, mountain air and marine at the same time. A 100% eco-friendly place!

• The center of Spain – Madrid – 380 km. This distance on a good car on an ideal highway is overcome in 4-5 hours.

• The splendid resort city of BENIDORM, the Spaniards call “our California.” Modern buildings and hotels allow you to have a huge number of bars, restaurants. eateries, shops and discos that operate throughout the year, unlike other resorts in mainland Spain. All year round, Benidorm welcomes you with festive lights and a huge amount of entertainment.