In order to learn more about Spain, it is important to understand its climatic features. Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. From the north, the country is crowned by a ridge of the Pyrenees mountains. Most of the country, excluding Galicia, Asturias, the Basque country, La Rioja and several other northern provinces, is located in the region of the subtropical climate, and more specifically, the Mediterranean. In general, summer precipitation in the region of “Dry Spain” is unlikely, the temperature is moderate, and the presence of a reservoir makes the climate warm and pleasant. Winter is very mild, snow falls only in mountainous areas and occasionally in other places.

What is happening with the weather in Spain? We can consider the best resort of the Costa Blanca, the capital of Madrid, and the popular Barcelona as an example.

Now is the New Year period, a wonderful mood and just joy reign in Spain. The temperature in Madrid varies from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, cool enough with a breeze in the evenings. But this temperature is quite comfortable for excursions, travels and exploring the city.

Barcelona, ​​alas, is also not happy with warmth in the New Year. The average temperature is between 15-17 degrees. And the water temperature allows swimming only for walrus candidates.

Now move on to the Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca is a famous resort on the Mediterranean coast, the name of which is translated from Spanish as “White Beach”. It extends from the Ebro River Delta in the north to south to the Costa Del Sol. The Costa Del Sol is famous for its unusually warm climate, and when all of Spain is still wrapped up in winter, orange and tangerine trees are already blooming. The White Beach got its name due to the white shade of the rocks, which reliably protect the coastal zone from the north winds from the land side, and, consequently, sharp temperature changes.

The unofficial resort capital, Benidorm, surprises the European world with temperatures above 20 degrees. And the Mediterranean Sea is more favorable to the southern parts of the country. It pleases 16-17 degrees at 20 degrees on land. The second most popular resort of Calpe is at about the same temperature, differing only a little in the large number of clouds in the sky.

During the day, the gentle sand on the beaches warms with its warmth accumulated during the morning, so walking in the coastal strip is a pleasure!

As soon as the short winter season passes, spring begins, and in spring everything blooms, wakes up, prettier and warms. Spain in the spring with its weather begins to prepare its inhabitants for the summer. Evenings are still cool, but morning and afternoon are already close to summer, there are already hot gusts of wind from Africa, invitations to the summer mood.

And in summer, a flower of warmth and joy abruptly blossoms. And the summer heat covers the Costa Blanca during the siesta. The sea becomes paradise warm and enveloping.

Autumn is very similar to spring, gradually reduces the influence of summer and goes towards winter.